Sonia Heilbron

Desing and Creativity

About this project

We carried out a comprehensive transformation for Sonia Heilbron, specialized in Momposina filigree jewelry. From designing and developing your eCommerce platform to implementing SEO and digital marketing strategies, we have optimized every step to increase your visibility and conversions. This project reflects our ability to drive unique brands to success through creative and effective solutions.
About customer

This business specializes in the sale of jewelry made in Momposina filigree, a traditional jewelry making technique from the Mompos region in Colombia. They offer a wide range of unique and beautiful designs, from earrings to necklaces and bracelets. The jewelry is handmade by skilled local artisans and is a true work of art. In addition, the company pays attention to sustainability and supports local communities of artisans, which provides added value to its customers who are conscious and committed to the environment and local communities. Overall, this business is a great option for those looking for unique, high-quality jewelry made with traditional and sustainable techniques.